Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8th

We had a great teleseminar today! It was so fun to talk to the girls- they had such great questions! We are reminding the girls to make sure they get their homework done by the end of the month. While its a daunting task at times to do homework, its all for a reason! Hmm.. sounds a little like high school, huh? Well, it works everyone! We have seen it for ourselves and we have put it into action for so many people including our own careers! We want our girls to have the same success as we have had. So at the end of the month, we will be checking in with our current girls for their homework! In September, we will have more duties for them to complete as they aspire to their own personal goals. We have already seen our success in one short month-we have booked a good amount of girls for boothwork at the Olympia, and we have also had the girls go through a photo shoot with some of the girls as well. This month, Celia Thompson will be holding the first POSE FOR PINK charity posing session in North Carolina and we will be doing one in Boston in September. As you can see, we keep busy, by doing good work, and by empowering each other to be our best, and do our best!


  1. Super excited to attend the Pose for Pink with Celia down here in Charlotte!! :)

  2. I just LOVE the teleseminars!

  3. So pumped for September...bring it on!