Friday, July 24, 2009


Our site has officially launched!
Many of you are wondering why we used that name or what its all about! Well, as many of you know, I have been featured on MTV True Life: I want the Perfect body II as a fitness coach who took a "average brainiac" and turned her into a siren onstage. The theme of that show was really about "WHAT IS THE PERFECT BODY". Well my client on the show, said it quite well when she said "The Perfect Body is fit, healthy, feminine". This is what we are all about and so much more! For over 15 years, my career has a fitness coach and choreographer has been a dream come true. Through my hard work and dedication to my clients, I produced champions in all federations in model, bikini, fitness and figure. My girls were now experiencing national attention and so were my camps "CAMP SAVAGE". Camp Savage was the first real prep camp dedicated to women who wanted to compete in the industry! We started small in 1996 and now its a national and international phenomenon. With the success of my camps, my programs that prepped girls for stardom, I began to receive national attention and respect for my coaching ability, but more important, for my role as an advocate for my girls, lovingly known as the SAVAGE GIRLS. I watch out for them, I promote them, I encourage them and I pick them up when they are feeling down. My love for the sport and for my sisterhood of teammates is something that is a part of who I am. My desire to make every woman feel like a ROCK STAR in this industry led me to embark on a new program called PERFECT BODY ONLINE. With my partner and close friend Lindsay Messina, we planned out an amazing program that would not only help with nutrition and training and show prep like all of my other programs but now we would really push that ongoing effort to make put our girls in the forefront of the industry to a whole new level. With the assistance of Janelle Nicolo, our PR Director and Jayme Brown, our Marketing Manager we have a full staff dedicated to our clients. So are we a modeling agency? NO. We are working with the top agencies such as Silver Models to prepare you for the opportinities that larger agencies as well as Perfect Body Online have in store. All too many times, women travel to New York or LA to meet with major agents. The agents will call me or email me and say "Cathy, this girl isnt ready- she needs to tighten up, she needs to fix her skin, she needs a style". Well, its not the agents job to fix you- they expect you to be ready to book when they meet you. But thats where we fit in! We will groom you for every aspect of this business. From being a spokemodel to working at an expo event or shooting a fitness cover- we work with the agencies to have you be MODEL READY!
So with all the programs that Cathy Savage Fitness has, which one is right for you? well,only you can answer that one! PBO is perfect for the girl who wants to hear her name called out onstage, who wants to be seen in a fitness magazine, hosting an event or who just wants to "standout' in her profession. Lindsay, Janelle and I are so amped up to get rolling! Visit our blog often and also check out the PBO TV channel at

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