Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy turkey day all!!! Have fun, love your friends and family and enjoy the day!

Monday, August 31, 2009

September is here! Wootwoot! Can you feel it? I knew that you could! PBO girls are looking hotter than ever! Soon we will be posting all the feedback we are getting!! Its been awesome! Look for updates on our website next week!! We are getting ready for Team Universe in New York and the Olympia in Vegas so make sure you introduce yourself to us in either place! More information coming soon!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good morning Perfect Bodies! Its been a crazy month! We are almost drawing to a close for August with some really fun things planned for September! We are working hard toward the Fall season and getting the girls ready for appearances, castings, photo shoots and competition! Each month, the girls work on new things to get them to a level where they can dive right into the industry that we all love so much! Lindsay is gracing the cover of this month's Oxygen Magazine and Nicole Moneer is on the cover of MsFitness- its been so much fun watching both of them soar! Lori Harder is also in a training spread in the current Oxygen! As we look to September, we have the Olympia coming up and we will have video from the expo where many of our girls are working!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8th

We had a great teleseminar today! It was so fun to talk to the girls- they had such great questions! We are reminding the girls to make sure they get their homework done by the end of the month. While its a daunting task at times to do homework, its all for a reason! Hmm.. sounds a little like high school, huh? Well, it works everyone! We have seen it for ourselves and we have put it into action for so many people including our own careers! We want our girls to have the same success as we have had. So at the end of the month, we will be checking in with our current girls for their homework! In September, we will have more duties for them to complete as they aspire to their own personal goals. We have already seen our success in one short month-we have booked a good amount of girls for boothwork at the Olympia, and we have also had the girls go through a photo shoot with some of the girls as well. This month, Celia Thompson will be holding the first POSE FOR PINK charity posing session in North Carolina and we will be doing one in Boston in September. As you can see, we keep busy, by doing good work, and by empowering each other to be our best, and do our best!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to our first month of PERFECT BODY ONLINE! Be sure to visit our website as well! ( We will be tweeting as well and also check out our YOUTUBE channel You girls are in for a big treat! We have some major news coming soon about some new products that our PBO Dermatologist in New York has recommended for all of us- and at discount rates- which makes me be the first in line! So stay tuned for all the updates! Remember ladies... we are.... SISTERHOOD READY.. AND STARDOM AWAITS

Monday, July 27, 2009


The clock is ticking! Countdown to August 1st. Say hello to a new era in preparation for modeling! Lifestyle nutrition and training is different and more attainable- Say goodbye to counting and counting and driving yourself crazy. You need to get to know your body and so do we!
We are excited to have our first PBO Photo Shoot with acclaimed photographer Dan Doyle. A few new PBO ladies will be shooting with Dan for the first time and they are so excited! We will have photos available on our blog page and facebook page as well so stay tuned!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

August is almost here!! We are so excited to be starting to work with you for August! On August 1st, you will begin to receive all the cool information that we have to offer! Lindsay, Janelle, Jayme and I are really working hard to bring you an amazing new opportunities! Even before our site was launched, we have been receiving great feedback from industry powerhouses and modeling agents who want to work together! This means more opportunities for all of you! We will soon be contacting you all to get more information on your plans for the Fall!! It will be here before you know it! Big plans in store for Vegas and beyond!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Our site has officially launched!
Many of you are wondering why we used that name or what its all about! Well, as many of you know, I have been featured on MTV True Life: I want the Perfect body II as a fitness coach who took a "average brainiac" and turned her into a siren onstage. The theme of that show was really about "WHAT IS THE PERFECT BODY". Well my client on the show, said it quite well when she said "The Perfect Body is fit, healthy, feminine". This is what we are all about and so much more! For over 15 years, my career has a fitness coach and choreographer has been a dream come true. Through my hard work and dedication to my clients, I produced champions in all federations in model, bikini, fitness and figure. My girls were now experiencing national attention and so were my camps "CAMP SAVAGE". Camp Savage was the first real prep camp dedicated to women who wanted to compete in the industry! We started small in 1996 and now its a national and international phenomenon. With the success of my camps, my programs that prepped girls for stardom, I began to receive national attention and respect for my coaching ability, but more important, for my role as an advocate for my girls, lovingly known as the SAVAGE GIRLS. I watch out for them, I promote them, I encourage them and I pick them up when they are feeling down. My love for the sport and for my sisterhood of teammates is something that is a part of who I am. My desire to make every woman feel like a ROCK STAR in this industry led me to embark on a new program called PERFECT BODY ONLINE. With my partner and close friend Lindsay Messina, we planned out an amazing program that would not only help with nutrition and training and show prep like all of my other programs but now we would really push that ongoing effort to make put our girls in the forefront of the industry to a whole new level. With the assistance of Janelle Nicolo, our PR Director and Jayme Brown, our Marketing Manager we have a full staff dedicated to our clients. So are we a modeling agency? NO. We are working with the top agencies such as Silver Models to prepare you for the opportinities that larger agencies as well as Perfect Body Online have in store. All too many times, women travel to New York or LA to meet with major agents. The agents will call me or email me and say "Cathy, this girl isnt ready- she needs to tighten up, she needs to fix her skin, she needs a style". Well, its not the agents job to fix you- they expect you to be ready to book when they meet you. But thats where we fit in! We will groom you for every aspect of this business. From being a spokemodel to working at an expo event or shooting a fitness cover- we work with the agencies to have you be MODEL READY!
So with all the programs that Cathy Savage Fitness has, which one is right for you? well,only you can answer that one! PBO is perfect for the girl who wants to hear her name called out onstage, who wants to be seen in a fitness magazine, hosting an event or who just wants to "standout' in her profession. Lindsay, Janelle and I are so amped up to get rolling! Visit our blog often and also check out the PBO TV channel at

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today we had a great staff meeting! Janelle, Lindsay, Jayme and I got together to work on the girls' programs. WOW, we have some stunning ladies who are part of this program! We also have girls who are on their way to making great strides toward the goals they have set! We can all be a hoursehold name- we can all have a place in this industry where we become a household name! There is enough room for everyone! So whether you want to be a model, a writer, a spokesperson, a competitor- whatever it is- we will help you get there!

Monday, July 20, 2009

congrats to Diarra Yaw for winning the NPC Empire States show in New York as well as Jen Neilson for placing 2nd at the NPC Bikini show in North Carolina! Both girls are members of PBO and are rocking out this year and preparing for the Fall! Way to go girlies!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good afternoon! We have some Savage PBO girls competing this weekend in many states! Mostly NPC bikini! We wish them well and know they will rock the house!
Stay tuned for PBO-TV next weekend!

Friday, July 17, 2009

We got some really goodnes today and it turns out that Lindsay, Janelle and I will all be at the Olympia. As so many Savage PBO Girls will be working the Olympia Expo, we will be there to broadcast LIVE and make sure the girls are ok! In other news, Janelle and Annette shot a cool beer commercial yesterday so we hope to have snipets of it soon! Many of our girls also contributed to some recent Oxygen articles as well. We caught a great glimpse of our new website and its SOOOOOO cool! Cant wait to share it with you all!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Welcome to Perfect Body Online

Hey hotties!
Its Cathy, Lindsay and Janelle here to say HEY! We are so stoked to have our new site up! is the newest and hottest online program in the industry! Not only are we giving you the "signature" fitness training and nutrition designed for the top fitness models in the industry but we also are grooming you to be a star in the industry! we want YOU to become a household name and with our networking and position in the industry, we are already making this happen for so many girls! Even if you arent quite ready to model, we will help you get there through image makeovers, good health, marketing and training! We are here for you... Sisterhood Ready... Stardom Awaits....


Welcome all to Perfect Body Online!
Lindsay, Cathy and Janelle will be blogging on a regular basis to update you with all the exciting features of our program! We will be telling you who gets booked, who is noticed and who is who of the fitness industry! We love fitness and we love to talk! So we plan to be here alot! Tune in and let us know whats going on!!